Permaculture Island is a family run homestead situated on a two acre property that fronts Niton Undercliff, overlooking Reeth Bay at the southern tip of the Isle of Wight. The landscape is diverse unmanaged wild forest and scrub, with abundant wildlife thriving in this special micro climate. The homestead is under continuous development and with ever changing and evolving ground research in practice; work is consistently in progress to develop more efficient and productive systems.


“The only ethical decision

is to take responsibility for

our existence and that of our children”

Bill Mollison.

We practise subsistence gardening as an alternative to the money consumer lifestyle, by growing perennial crops like fruit trees, shrubs, climbers and other perennial plants are mixed in such a way as to mimic the structure of a natural young forest, which requires little human input.  Instead of the convenient culture or wage slavery we prioritise autonomy and freedom of choice, we actively pursue and reclaim meaning with our land by expanding symbiotic relations of co-dependencies.  Innovating a life of interest, appreciation and adventure for modest abundance initiated by responsibility which negates oppression of fear & guilt and Human/citizen devaluation.  We demonstrate and promote a life rich in resilience and prosperity grounded with functional design by imitating natural patterns, to instigate self sustaining systems including gardens, technologies and infrastructure. 


Permaculture is a ” design system for sustainable human habitats that supply human needs in an environmentally enhancing way”. Permaculture is all about functional design – ways to maximise productivity and abundance, while minimising effort, by working with nature, rather than against it.





We have observed that chickens and humans can thrive by offering greater autonomy, to move from passive consumer to forager revolutionises not just individuals but the whole tribe.


I am fascinated with the natural world, its ability to create abundant ecological systems is inspiring and worthy of imitation. If we each were to replace the monopolised scarcity model imposed upon us and instead adopt a transition of abundance, we would discover a much more harmonious and meaningful life. 

Food, energy and water can be grown or harvested anywhere and you don’t need to own land to do it. There are so many options, from micro gardens, allotments to large scale smallholdings and farms. Our objective at Permaculture Island is to promote pragmatic solutions for all, regardless of situation. we demonstrate the possibilities that are infinitely scalable of abundant design to help inspire people to transform there own lives no matter of location. 

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Contact details:

Victoria lodge, Castlehaven lane, Niton, Isle Of Wight, po382nb

Lucy Roberts