Great uncertainty has shattered our British way of life, food security is in jeopardy as the coronavirus quake reshapes global order. The inevitable following Tsunami threatens our just-in-time supply system, and British farmers are not capable by themselves to deal with looming food shortages.

The UK imports 50% of our food, 97% of British cultivatable land grows processed foods and animal feed, the remaining 3% grows fruit and vegetables. We also heavily rely on cheap eastern european labour at key times, which is also currently disrupted.

We do not have resilient local food systems to fall back on, it takes years to build sustainable farming practices that are not dependant on the global supply of industrial chemicals and fuels.

Right now the most proactive meaningful contribution anyone can make is to transform gardens by productive measures. With enough action we will not only increase food security but we leave more food in circulation for those that need it. 1st April 2020

ORDER seeds right now! They are running out. Use Ebay and Amazon if necessary.

Potatoes from supermarkets can be planted and so can the seeds from fresh tomatoes, dried peas and beans can also be viable.

I also suggest a platform to trade/swap locally, seeds and tools to offset losses from sellers. We have the communication tools to arrange trade and just like courier services, no contact is necessary.

Permaculture Island is a family run homestead situated on a two acre property that fronts Niton Undercliff, overlooking Reeth Bay at the southern tip of the Isle of Wight. The landscape is diverse unmanaged wild forest and scrub, with abundant wildlife thriving in this special micro climate. The homestead is under continuous development and with ever changing and evolving ground research in practice; work is consistently in progress to develop more efficient and productive systems.


“The only ethical decision

is to take responsibility for

our existence and that of our children”

Bill Mollison.

We practise subsistence gardening as an alternative to the money consumer lifestyle, 

Thick mulches cover our soils, no cultivation, mostly perennial crops like trees, shrubs, climbers and other perennial plants are mixed in such a way as to mimic the structure of a natural forest which is the most stable and sustainable type of ecosystem in this climate.  


Permaculture is a ” design system for sustainable human habitats that supply human needs in an environmentally enhancing way”. Permaculture is all about functional design – ways to maximise productivity and abundance, while minimising effort, by working with nature, rather than against it.





We have observed that chickens and humans can thrive by offering greater autonomy, to move from passive consumer to forager revolutionises not just individuals but the whole tribe.


Our focus is to directly fulfil daily requirements where possible rather than indirectly with money, we define requirements from a simple list of essentials which have great value.

  • Water and food/medicine
  • Shelter and clothing
  • Energy
  • Knowledge and awareness
  • Social and trading

It is the conscious application of these values that we live by and the recognition that all the important things in life can be free.


We favour low-tech solutions for resilience and local dependency.

  • Compost toilets
  • Gravity grey water irrigation
  • Biogas
  • Mulching and forest gardening
  • hand water pumps


Solar and wind energy satisfies our electrical demands and ALSO  powers our transport requirements of Van and bikes.



Contact details:

Victoria lodge, Castlehaven lane, Niton, Isle Of Wight, po382nb

Lucy Roberts