The Tiny House with BIG purpose, to live more simply.

We offer a Tiny House living experience within our permaculture demonstration site. Part of the adventure is to taste the freedom of homegrown food on your door step, grown the natural way in a Forest Garden while enjoying panoramic sea views yet living simple and conscious of the environment.

For the more committed enthusiast we can offer greater involvements of the site processes and procedures.

Come find your own simple life, while enjoying the magic of this special location, we look forward to meeting you.



  • Minimum 2 nights, £20 per person per night.
  • Two tiny houses sleep up to 2 adults in each.
  • Small fridge.
  • wood burner for cooking, heating, hot water
  • solar electric and solar water heating
  • Single hob gas cooker.
  • Small Dutch oven cookpot.
  • Two USB charging ports (no other electrical supply provided) There is no mains electric supply. Please do not bring devices that require mains electric
  • Internet is available in the evenings please see host for more information.
  • Washing facilities available
  • Bikes.. (on request.. these may not always be available,)
  • Conventional food available from local shop. 5 min walk into the village.
  • No smoking within the pods.
  • Parking on site for dropping off bags only.. Parking for cars at end of our lane.





Closing the loop within the homestead and saving 36L on average per person per day.


All grey water is re-used for irrigation and therefore we prefer the use of natural soaps that are not detrimental to the soil. We make and provide natural soap, and natural toothpaste is also available.

Dr Bronners liquid soap is a commercial soap we know of that’s natural; almost all commercial soaps are petroleum based regardless of natural names.


We offer more in-depth insights and experience of specific skills and knowledge of the following:

  • Liquid soap making using organic oils and lye, and how to use and adapt to them
  • Grey water irrigation for swales, irrigation pools and biogas digesters
  • Biogas digesters, feeding, safety, gas storage and burning
  • Self dependent water, water reduction strategies
  • Hi-TECH energy, production,storage, minimising use
  • Efficient simple meals and cooking strategies
  • Upcycling, Recycling, Salvaging, Repairing
  •  Food preservation, drying, canning, pickling, fermenting
  • Energy efficient houses and cold room structures
  • Low-tech or better-tech solutions
  • Tiny or small house possibilities, dept-slavery escape
  •  Independent chickens, feed for free
  • Peak oil aware and EDAP


We can provide mountain bikes to explore the local area, Reeth Bay is just down the lane and is excellent on a dropping tide. A secluded sandy bay with few people thanks to the abundant rocks limiting access. At low tide a protected lagoon develops to the East which is great for snorkelling, kayak or sup.  St. Catherines lighthouse is to the West which is open to the public and offers great views.


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Barbecue/Kitchen facility’s also available:


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All Bookings must be made through permacultureislanduk.com not Airbnb, thank you.