Please feel free to leave some feedback about your experience with Permaculture Island UK..

We had an amazing, fabulous, very inspiring afternoon in Niton! The tour was very informative, delivered with a lot of passion and immense knowledge of permaculture, flora and fauna (we were so impressed with your chicken utopia!). We can’t wait to apply all this newfound knowledge to our own garden (on a somewhat smaller scale 😃). The food was absolutely delightful, as was the rhubarb cordial! We can’t wait to hear what workshops you’ll be doing next….we will definitely be there!

Maatje Lobbezoo.


Thank you so much Lucy and Gavin for your wonderful garden tour this afternoon. It’s so inspiring to see how much you’ve achieved! You were so very generous with your time and knowledge 🙏🏼💗….   Claire Mattingly.


Thank you SO much for yesterday!
For me personally, it was a wonderful time. It was obvious how much time and thought you had put into the whole experience and I got so much from it:-) The food and drinks in the area you had made cosy and inviting was the perfect finish to a wonderful morning of learning. Great reminders and lots of new insights!
Thank you!
Love Julie ❤️xxx


Super day at the Isle of Wight Permaculture Centre. The hard work put into this by Lucy and Gavin is really evident. It has been created on a coastal area of landslip where cultivating food would generally be considered a non starter.

They have a straw bale house and an incredible amount of knowledge and skills.

Solar panels and a biomass system system means they can be off grid.

My favourite part is the chicken house where the chucks are relatively self sufficient. No putting them to bed at night.

If you get a chance to visit then highly recommend it. The food provided was delicious 

Kim Brown.

“Lucy’s Place is AMAZING! An over-used word, perhaps, but in this case it is absolutely accurate. Truly, the accommodation available here is unique. Indeed, so much so, that it may not be for everyone. However, this in no way means that there is something disagreeable about it – quite the opposite! It’s just a simple case of Lucy’s style may not suit everyone. For myself, it was PERFECT. In fact, not only was the accommodation itself stylish, elegant, fully-equipped, and with a singularly incredible location, but it stimulates, makes one reflect and assess one’s own outlook on things. (I really can’t recall the last time a Hilton did that to me!) In addition, Lucy – and her family, Gavin & Boe – are the epitome of warmth and kindness. Lucy was immensely generous to me, with her time and her knowledge. (If Lucy’s Place has what you are interested in, I can’t imagine you will find a better teacher/guide than Lucy.) The only problem I had with this accommodation is that I did NOT want to leave! Lucy’s Place may very well be an actual real-life piece of that mythical Paradise we’ve all heard about.”



I highly recommend a stay in the pods at the Permaculture Island Homestead.  The setting in glorious with south facing views straight out to the unbroken horizon of the Channel. The ever present sound of the sea and bird song is so relaxing. The pods are really functional as well comfortable.  I really enjoyed picking seasonal produce right from the door step.  It is an immersive experience into a working permaculture farm and off grid living. Lucy and Gavin are wonderful hosts always willing to share their knowledge and skills and I have learnt so much from them.  The farm’s location is surrounded by the most beautiful walks as it is right in the undercliff. It also only a 10 minute walk from the lovely village of Niton and right on a bus route..

Anna & Moza 2018


Dear Gavin and Lucy.

Thank you so much for such a interesting and informative event. We really do admire your common sense way of ensuring the saving of the planet and the cycle of life. Also lovely food.

Regards John and Jonath.


“This is the most wonderful place. Lucy Gavin and Boe are so lovely and kind, I felt relaxed from the moment I arrived. I haven’t stayed anywhere quite like this before. I stumbled upon it, I was just looking for an affordable place for my sister and I to spend the weekend near St. Catherine’s which we both love. I wasn’t prepared for how this little place made me feel. It’s just magical, even in the cold blustering wind. I lay in bed in the morning looking out to sea at the boats pondering on the lives within, watched a fat robin balance on a tiny branch…. you get the picture. It made me stop, breathe, take time to just look around me. If you need a little break from everything, whatever the season or the weather, this is it.”