Please feel free to leave some feedback about your experience with Permaculture Island UK..

We had an amazing, fabulous, very inspiring afternoon in Niton! The tour was very informative, delivered with a lot of passion and immense knowledge of permaculture, flora and fauna (we were so impressed with your chicken utopia!). We can’t wait to apply all this newfound knowledge to our own garden (on a somewhat smaller scale 😃). The food was absolutely delightful, as was the rhubarb cordial! We can’t wait to hear what workshops you’ll be doing next….we will definitely be there!

Maatje Lobbezoo.


Thank you so much Lucy and Gavin for your wonderful garden tour this afternoon. It’s so inspiring to see how much you’ve achieved! You were so very generous with your time and knowledge 🙏🏼💗….   Claire Mattingly.


Thank you SO much for yesterday!
For me personally, it was a wonderful time. It was obvious how much time and thought you had put into the whole experience and I got so much from it:-) The food and drinks in the area you had made cosy and inviting was the perfect finish to a wonderful morning of learning. Great reminders and lots of new insights!
Thank you!
Love Julie ❤️xxx


Super day at the Isle of Wight Permaculture Centre. The hard work put into this by Lucy and Gavin is really evident. It has been created on a coastal area of landslip where cultivating food would generally be considered a non starter.

They have a straw bale house and an incredible amount of knowledge and skills.

Solar panels and a biomass system system means they can be off grid.

My favourite part is the chicken house where the chucks are relatively self sufficient. No putting them to bed at night.

If you get a chance to visit then highly recommend it. The food provided was delicious 

Kim Brown.