Greater autonomy draws upon simplicity, yet natural design is infinitely complex. Isolated features should there for become integrated in meaningful ways, so the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Permaculture helps us complement component thinking with the application of whole system design.

“The strength of a community may be measured by its ability to recycle resources sustainably, that are mutually beneficial and return a yield that compliments almost everyone”.

We provide a free community service for residents of Niton, whitwell and chale villages to access our garden material drop off. We cover our soils directly with the donated plant remains, known as a raw mulch. Composting occurs naturally, slowly feeding surrounding food crops and fruit trees. A mulch layer revolutionized how we garden, productivity increased and labour saving are among its greatest assets.


Chickens are remarkable animals, and can easily be integrated through holistic design. All chickens originate from Junglefowl, a forest bird that will eat a variety of foods. Chickens will also seek sanctuary in trees to roost at night, mostly to avoid ground predators and protection from the elements.

The path to self sustaining systems is to recognise natural patterns and design a way to cooperate and complement how things are. The Tree cone chicken house provides a roost that mirrors natural behaviour.

The cone has structural roosting bars inside which allows all waste to fall to the ground, minimising cleaning and preserving the structure. The ladder is designed to challenge ground predators but ease a chickens ascent or descent. The cone also does not encourage insect infestations and hastens the drying of feathers which is really important in winter.