We are entering a new paradigm, a crises is surfacing which will reshape every aspect of our lives. As a nation we have economically prospered and rode the cheap energy era for over 40 years, but the limits to growth is catching up with us and the top are driving greater control in effort to try and sustain the unsustainable. The covid circus has fast tracked great change, current inflation figures are far higher than publication, national dept is beyond service and our consumer/producer ratio is not a functional arrangement. We are totally unprepared for the predicted depression, which will cause havoc to almost everyone but devastating to poorer communities. If we are to avoid further social regression it is of upmost importance that we each claim greater responsibility for our essential consumer goods, food and energy should be our priorities. In doing so we not only safe guard ourselves but will leave more resources in circulation for others in greater need. Preparations for food and energy production should also accompany efforts to increase efficiency with protracted thoughtful design, as to require less food and energy. Simple methods and technologies are dependable and should take precedent over modern practices and high technologies.

Our family objective is to build an ABUNDANT and resilient lifestyle, by using an ecological approach to reduce monetary dependence while forging new relationships with everything that surrounds us. Relationships are formed through direct interactions, which money robs us of. Greater autonomy draws upon simple ways, yet natural design is infinitely complex. Isolated features should there for become integrated, by complimenting component thinking with the application of whole system design.

What follows shortly will be examples and descriptions of what we have created so far..

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